For sale

Tiny house on wheels, built 2016, quality craftmanship with only natural materials, for ecological living. This is a small house with lots of character and a spacious feel. Lots of pictures in previous entries!

Building width 2.5m (3.07 m at top incl. eaves)

Building height 4 m (chimney flue demounts for moving)

Building length 8 m (+ 1.5 m trailer hitch)

Weight, when empty, approximately 5 tons

  • custom built trailer, approved for 6 tons

  • wood fibre insulation 95 mm walls, 140 mm ceiling, 115 mm floor

  • the all natural materials allow the building to breathe

  • outer cladding treated with japanese shuo sugi ban technique – beautiful, very durable, easy to maintain

  • roof sealed with tar paper, 4 degree gradient

  • triple glazed renovated windows

  • reused door with new lock

  • pine wood floor boards 158 mm wide, treated with hard wax oil

  • walls and ceiling are pine and spruce, high use areas treated with hard wax oil

  • reused renovated wood stove with cook top and hot water tank

  • electricity 220V with earth fault breaker

  • full internal wiring with socket outlets and light switches

  • built-in energy efficient LED lamps in kitchen and bathroom

  • built-in kitchen with fridge/freezer combo, sink, new electric cook top, shelves and cupboard

  • bathroom with separating compost toilet, shower cubicle and shelves

  • two lofts for sleeping and storage, 5 and 2,5 square metres

  • lots of storage space, innovative and practical with reused materials

Located 50km east of Gothenburg.


2 reaktioner på ”For sale

  1. Hej Cecilia! Jag är väldigt nyfiken på ditt fina hus, undrar om det är möjligt att få komma och kolla på det? Missade tyvärr när du hade visning tidigare i våras. Du får gärna maila mig,

    Allt gott, Elsa



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