For sale

Tiny house on wheels, built 2016, quality craftmanship with only natural materials, for ecological living. This is a small house with lots of character and a spacious feel. Lots of pictures in previous entries!

Building width 2.5m (3.07 m at top incl. eaves)

Building height 4 m (chimney flue demounts for moving)

Building length 8 m (+ 1.5 m trailer hitch)

Weight, when empty, approximately 5 tons

  • custom built trailer, approved for 6 tons

  • wood fibre insulation 95 mm walls, 140 mm ceiling, 115 mm floor

  • the all natural materials allow the building to breathe

  • outer cladding treated with japanese shuo sugi ban technique – beautiful, very durable, easy to maintain

  • roof sealed with tar paper, 4 degree gradient

  • triple glazed renovated windows

  • reused door with new lock

  • pine wood floor boards 158 mm wide, treated with hard wax oil

  • walls and ceiling are pine and spruce, high use areas treated with hard wax oil

  • reused renovated wood stove with cook top and hot water tank

  • electricity 220V with earth fault breaker

  • full internal wiring with socket outlets and light switches

  • built-in energy efficient LED lamps in kitchen and bathroom

  • built-in kitchen with fridge/freezer combo, sink, new electric cook top, shelves and cupboard

  • bathroom with separating compost toilet, shower cubicle and shelves

  • two lofts for sleeping and storage, 5 and 2,5 square metres

  • lots of storage space, innovative and practical with reused materials

Located 50km east of Gothenburg.


Till salu

Jag blir ju kvar här på andra sidan jorden. En kort underbar tid fick jag i mitt hus, men det är dags att låta någon annan uppleva det lilla, lugna, vackra, vänliga livet i ett miljövänligt hus på hjul. Så, det lilla huset för det stora livet är till salu:

Ett år gammal bostadsvagn, gediget hantverksarbete i utvalda naturmaterial, för miljövänligt leverne.

Bredd 3.07 m inkl. takutsprång (max 3.10 m för transport på allmän väg utan följebil)

Höjd 4 m (demonterbar skorsten) (max 4.5 m för transport på allmän väg)

Längd 8 m + 1.5 m drag

  • specialbyggt underrede, godkänt for 6 ton

  • diffusionsöppen konstruktion, plastfri

  • träfiberisolering 95 mm vägg, 140 mm tak, 115 mm golv

  • ytterpanel behandlad med japansk shuo sugi ban-teknik – vacker, mycket hållbar, lätt att underhålla

  • yttertak tjärpapp, 4-gradig taklutning

  • återanvända renoverade treglasfönster

  • återanvänd ytterdörr med nytt godkänt lås

  • golv 158 mm breda furuplankor, behandlade med hårdvaxolja

  • väggar och innertak träpanel, delvis behandlade med hårdvaxolja

  • återanvänd renoverad vedkamin med varmvattentank

  • 220V 3-fas elanslutning + jordfelsbrytare

  • många eluttag och flera lamputtag med strömbrytare

  • fast energisnål LED-belysning i kök och badrum

  • platsbyggt kök med kyl/frys kombiskåp, diskbänk, ny spisplatta och öppen förvaring

  • badrum med urinseparerande komposttoa, duschplats och hyllor

  • två loft för sovrum/förvaring

  • gott om platsbyggd förvaring, vackert och praktiskt med återanvända material

 Finns 5 mil öster om Göteborg. Pris: bud

Tiny house for rent!

Livet förändras på oförutsägbara och underbara sätt. Jag har bott i mitt älskade hus i bara några månader, men det är redan dags att lämna det. Jag träffade en man och gifte mig, och där vi ska bo är för långt att ta med mitt hus. Så småningom säljer jag väl det, men tills vidare hyr jag ut det. Om någon här är intresserad – hör av dig! Det står på en villatomt i Sjövik i Lerums kommun, 55 min med buss från centrala Göteborg.


The sweet life

Dividing my time between my house and my garden, between indoors and outdoors, between finishing up and starting from scratch. Balancing work and leisure – making work a pleasure. It’s such a joy to be here, where my dreams lead me, to see everything add up.

I built shelves in the kitchen. I thought a lot about the construction, I wanted it light and unobtrusive but still sturdy enough to hold stacks of plates. Decided on splines along the back of the shelves and thin chains to hold the front. Mulled over how and where to attach the chains, I didn’t think a screw just into the panelling would be strong enough, but couldn’t find a way to build where the chains and the wall studs met. Finally realized the loft support was the obvious choise, this 9×9 cm beam was perfect.


Made a towel rack from a naturally curved hazel branch.


Other hazel branches became supports for the tomatoes, and the ladders from an old wood swing set became trellies for runner beans, as well as an entryway for the vegetable garden.


.. and the cats moved in, the little darlings made themselves comfortable straight away. They also know when a house is built with love.



.. and we’re off!

The big day arrived, marvelously sunny and wonderfully exciting. In preparation for the move I moved everything that’s not attached to something out of the house and into my car, to avoid things crashing down and making dents where I don’t want them. I also made tape x:es on some of the windows, I’ve heard this helps with keeping them from breaking when moving a house, and prevent the glass from spreading everywhere if it breaks anyway. Anyone know if it actually works, and why..?


Extremely low trailer! Ground clearance practically nothing, and top of trailer 30 cm off of the ground. There are not that many of them around in west Sweden, and they cost a little more to use, but I feel the gain in possible ceiling height is well worth it.


And off she goes on her maiden voyage!


Ran into a wee bit of trouble unloading – we could not get the front end of the house trailer low enough to lift the back jacks over that little elevation on the transport trailer once the wheels came off the ramps. Tried all our tricks but came out flat, and decided finally to just cut the jack. My Dodge driving kindhearted helper also had a big power cutter – no worries.


Final stretch – 7 tonnes Dodge and 5 tonnes house on a narrow winding gravel road… It went so so well!


A Dodge with a very American turn radius with a 8 m house in tow is not the easiest thing to turn 180 degress on a small field. It took a little detour up towards the very edge of the kitchen garden, but my talented driver sorted that out as well.


Welcome home little house!

Jag har saknat efter dig, som lilla L uttrycker det.



Phone calls and marble

Spending most of my days making phone calls – arranging to transport the house to where I’ll live, chasing down the elusive chimney parts, calling all the chimney installing persons in West Sweden to find someone to install them before August, comparing prices and availability on everything trying to sew it all together, so that I’ll soon, very soon, can move in properly, and have my dear friends as neighbours in an emerging garden, instead of squatting outside the workshop.

The marble window sill from my parents attic becomes a fire proof shelf to round off the lower part of the heat protection wall behind the fire place.



Now finally time to paint the heat protection boards! Spackling the rounded front end took many days – thick layers like that take time to dry properly. Before…


… and after. The cardboard on the floor is to protect the soft floor boards from the heavy fire place, but it is also cut to a shape for the protective metal plate that I’ll fit later. I’m trying it on for size… Thinking about a copper plate, the red warm colour would go better with the wood and the general colour scheme in my house than a galvanized or black plate would. Copper also ages beautifully.





More little things

Found foot operated water pump used, was stoked. This is what it looked like inside though – it needs a new membrane and some loving care.



A big job this week end was sanding the floor, the stairs, and some parts of the walls, to prepare for oiling. This little Festool power sander is good – light weight, reasonable vibration levels, a joy to handle. Does the job well, at least for smaller surfaces like this.



In some places where we don’t want visible screws we drilled a 15 mm wide 15 mm deep whole to put the screw in. Now it was time to make and fit the filler plugs – 63 in all.


I cut 15 mm long bits of a dowel with a 15 mm diameter.


Holding the bits with some plyers I used the Festool power sander again to make four facets to one end of the plug, like on a hand forged nail. I also made the bottom of the plugs slightly conical with the sander, to make them easier to fit into the holes.


The plugs were then gently hammered into place. It took some time to make all those plugs but I’m very happy with the result!